connect Groups

connect Groups are how we care for each other.

Fall semester signups are underway! Groups start to meet on 8/30! Find a group today!

We don't believe in doing life alone, so we accomplish this through Connect Groups.
Life Groups

Our Life Groups are all about doing life together. The goal of a Life Group is to reach people with Christ's love in their regular day-to-day life. These groups largely focus on bringing a group of people together around specific interests such as family, coffee, exercise, art, fishing, etc.
Grow Groups

Our Grow Groups are all about spiritually growing together. The goal of a Grow Group is to take the next step in our faith of Christ together. These groups largely focus prayer, Biblical study, spiritual growth, discipleship, etc.

lead a connect group

Our connect groups wouldn't be possible without all of our group leaders. If you are interested in leading a group, we would love to talk with you on how you can serve with us and lead a connect group. Contact Pastor Shawn Shoemate to ger started today!